Hard worker Felix the Huddersfield station cat has raised more than £5,000 for charity


Look, I’m sure you’re a lovely person. You probably gave some money to the woman holding the Red Cross coinbox once. You work hard. You have a generally positive impact on society.

But compared to Felix the cat, you really aren’t that great.

That’s not a personal attack, to be clear. Felix the cat is better than all of us. Because she’s a cat.

Not only has Felix mastered her career, worked hard, and landed the coveted position of Senior Pest Controller at Huddersfield Railway Station, but she’s also managed to take time out of her busy schedule to do charitable work, too.

A few weeks ago, Felix announced to her followers that she would be taking part in a 5K challenge in aid of Fairy Bricks, a charity that brightens the lives of young children with serious illnesses with the joy of LEGO.

Felix promised to wear a pedometer to track her activity, and asked her fans to make donations in support of her mission.

She only had a target of £1,000, but within the space of a few days Felix had raised more than £5,200 in aid of Fairy Bricks. We’re very impressed.

And then on Wednesday this week, Felix happily announced that she’d successfully walked 5K. Quite the achievement when you have little cat legs.

In addition to dedicating herself to her career and helping sick children, Felix is currently also working on her fitness, after her employers noted that she’d put on a little bit of weight.

She’s tackled body-shamers by shaking off all the beach body pressure, and is now committed to getting fitter and happier in a longterm, sustainable way rather than a crash diet.


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