Those with epilepsy along with family and friends walk to rise above it

Source: Valley News Live / Natalie Parsons

About 3 million Americans are living with epilepsy and 60,000 of those are from Minnesota.

That’s according to the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota.

The Valley News team tells us how those effected are choosing to rise above it.

It effects children of all ages and adults.

Epilepsy does not discriminate.

Miss. Heart of the Lakes, Hannah Enge has had a seizure disorder for five years and it started from two sports related concussions.

She says getting treatment can be tough.

“Not the right treatment at time. I’m actually allergic to two of the main medications so I cannot take medication.”

Enge had her last seizure during a pageant in April when she was on-stage and doctors say there were contributing factors.

“Any change in emotion and any stress on my body, which everybody goes through.”

Doctors told Kellie Sharrat that she was born with epilepsy but she didn’t even know she had it.

As of this year, her family and friends now play a significant role in her health.

“I could just be like staring and so they’ve been watching over me.”


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