Local charity helping students living in poverty

Source: Local8now.com 

Almost 400,000 kids in Tennessee are living in poverty. The need for help is greater than ever.

Knoxville Pays It Forward helps low income families. Recently they’ve been hit with a lot demand for help.

“In the past few weeks we’ve really been hit hard from a lot of people who have been transitioning from homelessness … from the abuse shelter,” said Kim Cantrell with the organization.

“We have basically been setting them up with personal care items women and hygiene products and cleaning supplies.”

They also provide them with slightly used furniture. Cantrell said when families come to them they have nothing.

“We’ve got families who just got housing and they’re on the couches or the floor. We’ve got one mom who’s got a bunk bed but no mattresses so we really need two twin mattresses.” said Cantrell.

So to help them she needs donations, not just with mattresses but with simple every day items.

“We’re very low on toothbrushes kind of low on toothpaste. Biggest needs are laundry detergent and dish soap,” she said.


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