After breast cancer, mom and daughter get tattoos they hope to never see again

Source: Today / Lisa Flam

A Texas mother and daughter got matching tattoos, but they hope you’ll never lay eyes on them.

During Veronica Quintanilla’s second bout with breast cancer, her daughter shaved her head in solidarity as she took her mom to nearly all of her medical appointments. And after Quintanilla’s last chemotherapy treatment, her daughter, Victoria Vargas, suggested they get matching tattoos on their bald heads.

Pink bows were inked onto their scalps in late June. Quintanilla’s “hope and prayer” is that she will never get cancer and lose her hair again, keeping the tattoos hidden forever once their hair returns.

“These tattoos are something special between my daughter and me, never to be seen again,” Veronica Quintanilla, 47, told TODAY. “I’ve been bald twice in my life because of cancer. I don’t plan to ever go bald again.”

“Cancer scars you — internally, externally, on your very soul, it leaves a mark,” she added. “This is something pretty, a pretty mark I’m choosing to add to my body because of this cancer and the point is to never see it again.”

The El Paso, Texas, mother of three says she got the larger “mama bow,” and while her daughter has the smaller “baby bow.”

“It’s a symbol of my fight against breast cancer twice and of profound mother-daughter love,” Quintanilla said. “It reminds me of my daughter’s strength when I needed her there with me, and it reminds me of how much she loves me and how much I love her.”

Victoria Vargas, 21, says she grew closer to her mom over the last year as they would “talk and talk and talk” or watch funny YouTube videos during her mom’s long chemo treatments.


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