Deputy provides clothing for homeless in Pompano Beach

Source: WSVN / Nicole Linsalata

A bystander who saw a South Florida deputy doing a good deed was moved by his actions, and caught it all on camera.

Security guard William Simmons was walking to his shift at a shopping plaza in Pompano Beach when he saw a Broward Sheriff’s Office deputy who was dealing with a civilian and thought there must have been an issue. What he saw instead encouraged him to start recording the scene on his cellphone.

“I see this cop. I guess he’s helping out a homeless guy,” said Simmons. “Take a look.”

Simmons walked up to BSO Deputy M.J. Potvin and introduced himself. The officer then told Simmons that he was providing clothes for the homeless. “I’m helping out the homeless people,” the officer said in the video. “He’s a human being, too. He’s having a hard time, but they’re good people, so [I am] gonna help them out.”

“I said, ‘He’s doing something, doing something good,’” Simmons told 7News.

In the back of Potvin’s patrol car, he carries several items of clothing. “Some shorts, I need some underwear, I need some socks,” he said.

He told 7News that he’s been collecting the clothing and giving them away to the homeless for years.

The man Potvin was helping had nothing after he was robbed. “He had a shirt and big pants that he had to hold because they were so big,” Potvin said. “So I tried to hook him up with what I got. The littlest thing makes them feel good. It makes them feel like they’re cared about and they’re not forgotten.”

The homeless man found a friend and an ally in Deputy Potvin. Another homeless man, Roberto, said Potvin also lent him a helping hand. “[He gave me] pretty much everything, everything that I’m wearing,” Roberto said.


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