Formerly Homeless Teen Walmart Worker Gives His Shoes To Barefoot Man In Need

Source: The Huffington Post / Elyse Wanshel

When it comes to compassion, a teen from Georgia is a step ahead of the rest.

Phil Powell, an 18-year-old who works at Walmart, took his shoes off his feet and gave them to a man who is homeless.

The act of kindness happened outside of a Walmart in Lithia Springs, Georgia on July 29. Myrna Kines, a customer who had just finished shopping, shared her account of the events with The Huffington Post.

Kines said she was stunned after she saw the interaction. She approached the homeless man and asked him what happened. He told her Powell had given him the shoes off his feet.

Kines then went back inside the store and tracked down Powell, who was wearing just pink socks on his feet.

“I said ‘Can I take your picture?’ and he said ‘Why?’ and I said ‘Because you deserve recognition for what you just did,’” Kines told HuffPost. “’You did something awesome.’”

Kines posted the photo of Powell in his socks and Walmart vest to Facebook immediately.

Powell told Inside Edition that he was homeless until he was 16. He also told the outlet that he knows how difficult the situation is, and now that he has a job and a home, he wanted to give to those in need as much as he could.


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