Cervical cancer survivor using music to raise awareness for HPV screenings

Source: KFYR / Megan Hahn

Christine Baze was diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer at 31.

Christine beat the cancer and wanted to teach others about the disease and the tools to prevent it. She started advocating with with a musical concert called pop-smear, which was such a success, she decided to launch a concert series across the country called the “Yellow Umbrella Tour.”

Now, she works with her foundation to share with others about the importance of HPV vaccines.

“Then once gardasil came out, the HPV vaccine came out, that allowed me to take the message into the school system so that I can talk directly to the students and say, ‘hey guess what, there’s a shot out there that can help stop cancer don’t you want to do it,’ they’re like ‘yes, we want to stop cancer because nobody wants cancer.’

Baze is a 16 year survivor.


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