Teen collects 1000s of soda can tabs for charity

Source: lehighvalleylive.com  / Melissa Reph

Jonathan Miers is a busy teen.

Between wrestling, running cross country, playing lacrosse and starting ninth grade at Easton Area High School in the fall, he still finds time to amass a collection of soda tabs.

Lots and lots of soda tabs.

The soon-to-be-15-year-old from Forks Township collects the tabs from aluminum cans so he can donate them to Ronald McDonald House in Hershey, Pa.

When Miers was younger, his older sister broke her leg, requiring the family to travel to Boston for surgery. They stayed in a Deb and Nicole House, which confused the young Miers because he was used to staying in hotels.

He asked his mother, Christie, about the Deb and Nicole House and she replied that it was similar to a Ronald McDonald House. Still not sure what to make of it, Jonathan researched the charity that provides accommodations for families with sick children to stay together.

After a phone call with officials, he received a packet of information in the mail. It included stickers, paper cutouts of a Ronald McDonald House and a newsletter. In the newsletter was a story about a girl who wanted to help raise money for the charity through a soda tab collection. She had collected 25 large pretzel jars full of the metal tabs.

Jonathan aims to top her.

He saw it as something he could do to help a group similar to the one that had helped his family when they needed it.

“The littlest thing like pulling a tab off and saving it can help people in need,” Jonathan said.


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