10-year-old to donate her long locks to wig-making cancer charity

A ten-year-old girl, who has lost a number of family members to cancer has decided to donate her long locks to make wigs for children who have lost their hair to the diseasewrites Chris McCullough.

Little Sarah Clements is going to cut 30cm off her long hair so it can be made into a wigs by Little Princess Trust, a charity that provides real hair wigs to children who have suffered hair loss from cancer.

Little Sarah Clements is a pupil at Victoria Primary School in the County Antrim town and is very proud of her long hair.

However, the big hearted young girl told her mum Kiera, out of the blue, that she wanted to donate her hair to the Little Princess Trust, a children’s cancer charity which provides wigs free of charge to youngsters affected by cancer.

Sarah’s mum Kiera said: “We have a history of cancer throughout both my family and that of my husband Aaron’s as well.

“I have lost close family members over the years and I have to get tested myself to see if the gene has been passed on to me.

“Our little Sarah came up to me one day and said she wanted to cut her long hair to help children with cancer.

“She had seen the work of the Little Princess Trust on TV and wanted to help.

“Since she was born, Sarah always had a very good head of hair. At birth her hair was black and it changed to blonde and now brown.

“On July 30 Sarah will have just over 30cms of her hair cut off. It will then be sent away to the wig specialists in China who will make it into wigs for little boys and girls who have lost their own hair through cancer.

“These wigs for the kids could cost anything from £350 to £500 so it is really good the charity can provide them for nothing to those that really need them.

“We decided on July 30 as she will still be on her summer holidays and can enjoy short hair hopefully in the warmer weather,” said Kiera.


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