Dean Troutman starts another charity trek

An 85-year-old Princeville man has begun a 500 mile trek to raise money for Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Dean Troutman loves to walk.

“It’s just me. me and my buggy,” said Troutman.

Now at the golden age of 85, Dean is channeling that love into a good cause.

“I like to walk and I didn’t have anything to do the rest of the summer. So, I said I’ll just do another one this year and do it for kids at Saint Jude. There’s no better cause than that,” Dean explained.

Dean is walking 500 miles to Memphis, Tennessee to raise $100,000 for Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

“We feel Princeville is a small but mighty community. so we wish him the best of luck and we hope that he raises a lot of money for the kids,” said Princeville resident Jennifer Carruthers.

And this isn’t the first time Dean has hit the road to raise some cash.

Last summer he trekked 700 miles around the state of Illinois to raise funds to build Troutman Park in Princeville, dedicated to his late wife Dorothy Troutman.

“Everybody really appreciates the park so that’s the big thing. He just has to do something so,” said his daughter Linda Pinkston.


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