Charity cyclists raise €100,000 for cancer research

A team of cyclists who made their way across seven countries in seven days last year raised a massive €100,000 for cancer research for children.

The ALIVE Charity Foundation presented its donation to the University of Malta’s research trust at a ceremony presided over by President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca.

The money will be used to finance University graduates to further their studies with PhDs in specialised medical cancer research.

“We believe that the most effective way to combat cancer is to carry out strategic research with an aim to speed up diagnosis, identify causes and eventually find cures,” said ALIVE foundation chairman Nicky Camilleri.

Mr Camilleri noted how the foundation had previously raised similarly large sums for breast and children’s cancer research.

“This definitely means a lot to us because within three years we have invested close to a quarter of a million euro in medical cancer research by means of a sport, that of cycling,” he said.

University of Malta rector Juanito Camilleri thanked the ALIVE Foundation for its donation.

“The University of Malta is seeing the fruit of the community’s contribution towards the enhancement of our cancer research activities,” the rector said.

“Contributions like the one of today provide huge support to our talented academics and opportunities for our students who wish to pursue further studies.”

ALIVE’s cycling challenge participants pedalled an average of almost 160km every day from the Alps all the way to Sutton in the UK to raise the funds.


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