Arkansas cowboy rides across the U.S. for charity, stops in Walton Co.

Tye Sturgeon has a love for horses and making kids smile.

His mission to travel the states started nearly three years ago, when a friend suggested the idea.

“There’s big tough cowboys and then you get a kid around and boom it’s like flip-switch or something. It’s just over from then on,”‘ said Sturgeon.

All proceeds go to kids charities ‘Western Wishes’ and ‘New Horizon Ranch’.

He uses Facebook to post where he’s heading.

“I’ll say today I’m heading to such and such. And then a lot of times more people will say you’re more than welcome to stop by our place and stay the night,” said Sturgeon.

So far he’s been to thirteen states.

“I went to Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, back into Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida,” said Sturgeon.

Sturgeon said he raises more money when he has a host family.

The Warnicks found out about him two weeks ago, welcoming him in with open arms.

“Being able to meet kids and then incorporating what you already love to do with it is just wonderful,” said Jennifer Warnick.

Sturgeon has also formed a friendship with her sons Keaton and Tristan.


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