8-year-old girl leads Stevens Point charity

Lexi Ananiadis seems like a typical 8-year-old, with her hair curled and tied back in a black bow. She’s going to be in third grade this year. Her best friend’s name is Claire. She also likes cheerleading and cheers with the local Storm Elite All Stars.

But Lexi, whose full name is Alexis, is no ordinary kid. She is the devoted and ambitious pioneer of her own charity called Lexi’s Love, which is dedicated to clothing and feeding local people in need. In less than a year, Lexi has collected and donated several vanloads of basic necessities for the needy and her Meals For Hope fundraiser has served more than 100 meals for the hungry.

It started about eight months ago after Lexi came back from a cheerleading competition in Illinois. While there, Lexi encountered a man who was homeless.

Brooke Ananiadis, Lexi’s mother, said Lexi was “spooked at first, and then she realized they (people who are homeless) weren’t scary.”

Lexi then decided she wanted to buy the man a meal so she went into a local shop, purchased a meal, and personally handed it to him.

Her passion for helping people didn’t stop there in Illinois, she brought it home with her to Stevens Point.


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