New facility offers private suites for homeless moms, children

FORT WORTH — It has been three years since Kari Huber and her 5-year-old daughter have had a place to call their own.

Monday, that trying time in their lives came to a thrilling end.

“It feels amazing to be unlocking this door and not seeing someone else in my space,” Huber said with a smile as she put the key in the lock of the door. “This is my own personal space.”

Kari Huber says she feels safer at the new shelter built for women and children in Fort Worth.

“This bottom one would be my daughter’s and this one over here would be mine,” she said as she pointed out the beds.

Huber is now living in her very own suite at a new facility in Fort Worth reserved specifically for homeless women and their children.

Monday, Huber and 29 other women and single mothers moved into their rooms at the Morris Foundation Women and Children’s Center, a branch of the Presbyterian Night Shelter. Many of them brought their children.

“Her own bed,” she said as she walked through the suite. “Her own drawers, I have a lovely desk to sit at.”

They’re creature comforts that are lost when you lose your home. Huber says what she also lost while living in traditional shelters off Lancaster Avenue, where the majority of Fort Worth’s homeless live, was a sense of safety and security.


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