Inner City Helping Homeless is charity for VDM

James and Derek Delaney, the owners of Oakwood Stud and the founders of the Ladbrokes Vincent Delaney Memorial Series, the richest harness horse race in all of Ireland and the UK, announced today that this year’s charity for the race weekend, August 12th, 13th and 14th, will be Inner City Helping Homeless (ICHH) of Dublin, Ireland.

The ICHH was formed in November 2013 to combat the ever growing homeless crisis that was clearly evident across the city of Dublin.

The organization, which is comprised 100% of all volunteers, operates a seven-day outreach service across the city, coinciding with their mobile outreach unit. ICHH’s outreach support service operates nightly providing access to beds, sleeping bags, food or case management referrals. ICHH works a 16-hour mobile outreach service, responding to rough sleeper reports within 15 minutes of getting a call. The service also operates seven days a week.

The website is at

“The homeless situation is a major crisis in Ireland right now,” said Derek Delaney, head of the Ladbrokes Vincent Delaney Memorial Committee, “and we thought it be grand to give something to the less fortunate. We take things for granted and when you see the problem on the streets it breaks your heart. It could be any one of us and it’s not only down and out drunks that’s homeless, it’s a real problem as today’s housing problems seems to be a real factor in family’s ending up on the street.


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