Catholic Charities working to provide more beds for Spokane’s homeless

Plans are in the works to soon have 200 more beds to care for Spokane’s homeless population.

Last week Catholic Charities announced it had purchased four buildings on the land on an adjacent block south of the House of Charity. The buildings are located at 24 W. 2nd, 32 W. 2nd, 164 S. State St., and 161 S. Browne.

Catholic Charities says the organization has short term and long term solutions to address the homelessness in our community.

The first is to open the House of Charity 24 hours a day and, second, create more permanent housing.

“There should never be someone under an overpass on I-90 who can’t get into a shelter,” said Catholic Charities Executive Director Rob McCann at a press conference last Friday.

All you have to do to know there’s a problem is look at recent violence in the area near the House of Charity; an officer-involved shooting outside the shelter in late April and this week a stabbing under the bridge on Browne.

Catholic Charities plans to build 100 units and expand the Providence/House of Charities Medical Clinic starting this fall.

“Because the House of Charity is here and they have free meals, there are times of day [where] there’s a lot of people passing through,” explained Len Urgeleit, who owns a building on Pacific near the House of Charity. Urgeleit said he has mixed feelings about the new apartments.


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