New homeless youth center to be built in Las Vegas

The nonprofit organization Project 150, that helps homeless teens in high school said at least 12,000 homeless students are enrolled in the Clark County School District.

However, a new study showed that a number of homeless overall in our valley is down 17 percent from last year. That’s why a new shelter is being built to help the homeless youth.

Community leaders say, they are hoping lives will be changed with the new shelter.

Twenty-one- year-old DelRio Perkins came from Michigan and soon found himself homeless in Las Vegas.

“When I was on the streets I was trying to figure out how to live,” said Perkins.

Perkins is a current client of the Shannon West Homeless Youth Center facility in North Las Vegas which has 65 beds and is often at capacity.

“Shannon West doesn’t just help you with financial strains, they help you with your life holistically to become the best self that you can be; so when you leave it’s kind of hard to be somebody totally new when you leave Shannon West,” said Perkins.

The center was named Shannon West after a social worker whose life passion was to help the youth died of cancer in 2012.


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