Students Host Charity Concert for Alice’s Kids

It’s the Saturday before AP exam week, but for junior Charley Costantino, today is not for studying. Instead, she has a different type of test. Today, she will be performing in a charit

y concert for local charity Alice’s Kids, a concert that has been in the making since December.

Alice’s Kids is a non-for profit organization that pays for the small needs of children, such as money for senior dues or for shoes, who cannot afford them. Alice’s Kids was founded by siblings Ron Fitzsimmons and Laura Fitzsimmons Peter. They were inspired to start the charity in honor of their mother Alice, who did everything she could to provide for them even though they lived in poverty.

“I decided to [contact Alice’s Kids to do a concert] because I saw an ad about the charity,” said Costantino, who plays the piano.

From there came countless hours of practicing and preparing alongside her brother senior Eric Costantino, who plays the viola. Two other West Potomac students, junior Anna Katherine Bozard and sophomore Geoffery Gallante on the trumpet, also joined in.

“I learned about Alice’s Kids from Charley when she asked me to perform in her concert. After reading more about the charity I thought it would be a really great way to raise money for kids in our area,” said Bozard.


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