Texas girl, 9, starts charity for kids

She sings like an angel. She’s smart as a whip and has a heart of gold.

Maya Delgado is only nine years old and is already a philanthropist.
She lives by the Golden Rule.

“My message to children that are my age is to be kind to others,” she said.
That inspired her to start a charity to give scholarships to kids from military families who want to pursue the arts.

“So I begged my parents and said, ‘Please can I have a 501 C-3 to help these very amazing and talented kids?” Maya said. “They finally said ‘Yes’ and I was so happy.”

This bright young child is homeschooled in the morning, so that in the afternoon she can focus on her music, dancing and acting at the elite Septien Entertainment Group, whose alumi include Selena Gomez and Jessica Simpson.

And Maya is following her heart. On her bedroom wall, there’s a painting she drew at the age of five.

It’s what inspired the name of her charity.

“I was so excited and so I was thinking of the name and looking for inspiration and I saw my painting and I thought, Hearts of Maya,” she said.

Hearts of Maya has a board of advisors made up of children.


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