Car wash benefits Giving Backpacks program

In the back parking lot of Zips at Division and Hawthorne, Rick Clark hosted a car wash Sunday to help the homeless.

“(I) just (wanted to) show some of the people that need love the most there’s a community out there that cares about them,” said Clark.

Even with a car wash company right next door, the cars kept rolling in.

“It hasn’t affected anything we’ve been non stop busy since we started,” said Clark.

He even used Facebook to petition people to come, and it worked.

“I was working on other cars at home,” said Dan Martin. “I briefly went on Facebook and saw that you guys were doing this today,” said Martin. “Thought, ‘Hey it needs to be done.'”

Clark raised $188 in 1.5 hours. The money goes to his program Giving Backpacks. In the program, Clark and his friends drive around Spokane and give away backpacks filled with small comforts for the homeless.

“Yesterday we handed out our 560th backpack just full of clothes, toiletries and food. Stuff that isn’t really worth anything, but to them it’s worth everything,” said Clark.


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