Homeless man’s marathon effort for charity that helped him

A homeless man who has overcome his addiction to drugs is preparing to run the London Marathon to raise funds for the Harrogate charity that helped get him back on track.

Michael Campbell, a resident at Horizon Life Training, in Killinghall, is aiming to raise £3,500 for the charity’s new women’s centre.

The Christian charity, based at Kennel Hall Farm, on Ripon Road, helps people who have already started to overcome their addictions to integrate back into the community, enabling them to achieve valuable work experience and qualifications.

Michael, who will be running his first marathon, lived on the streets of Halifax with a number of addictions, and has fought back to better himself. He is passionate about helping others to be given the same opportunity, the charity said.

Brian Hendlesby, chief operating officer of Horizon Life Training, said: “Michael is a private person, he isn’t seeking glory for running the marathon, and he isn’t chasing stardom for his gesture of goodwill.

“Michael’s reason for wanting to run the London Marathon is one of generosity and strength. He can see how far he has travelled through the months he has personally spent at Horizon Life Training, and he wants to help others reach their potential, this is his way of contributing something back.


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